In his  recent book Workplace Learning: How to Build a Culture of Continuous Employee Development, Nigel Paine argues that the only possible way organisations can navigate the complexities and disruptions of the current environment is to build a workforce that is confident in its ability to learn, wants to learn, and is agile and resilient.

Nigel has joined forces with Michelle Ockers.  Together they are facilitating the Building Learning Culture program in Australia and New Zealand in August 2019.

They have created a learning culture self-assessment tool to help people think about the nature of their organisation and what they need to work on to build a learning culture.  This tool has been developed for use by participants on the Building Learning Culture program.  In this program, participants will work on ways of leveraging strengths and addressing their greatest challenges to move forward on learning culture.

This tool has also been made freely available for anyone to use as a reflective tool.  However, it is not designed to offer suggestions to address challenges identified.  It is recommended that you use it to identify areas to work on and engage others in conversation to move forward with learning culture.


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