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While professional, episodes are natural and authentic. This is real people having real conversations and sharing real examples and advice.


Tips and strategies to help your take learning solutions to the next level. Actionable takeaways. Shownotes with full transcripts and supplementary resources.

Strategy and Tactics

Hear both the strategic angle and the how-tos of creating great learning environments, solutions, frameworks and teams.


Explore stories with Learning and Development heroes rolling up their sleeves, being brave, trying new things and having impact.

Your Learning Uncut host – Michelle Ockers

Would you like to be a Learning Uncut guest?

I’m always looking for interesting and innovative learning solution stories for Learning Uncut. You don’t need to be an award-winner to have a story worth sharing.  Are you a learning professional who has implemented a solution or approach within the last 18 months with clear evidence of a positive impact?  Guests can come from any geographic location.  Vendors/providers are welcome to share a story, preferably accompanied by a client.*  If you have a project you would like feature, please complete the form below and I will be in touch to discuss it with you.

* Be ready to share a story about a solution that’s been implemented in a client organisation.  Do it in a way that is consistent with the ethos and intent of the podcast.


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Are you prepared for Future Ready Learning?

I can help you to achieve your aspirations to transform learning in your organisation in a range of very practical ways. I can help accelerate your learningtransformation regardless of the sector and scale of your organisation, the size of your learning team, or where you are on your modern learning journey. Contact me for a discussion.