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Do you want to design and develop engaging learning experiences in an online environment that shift behaviour and improve business performance?

Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

Despite our interest in technology and learning in the flow of work, over 55% of formal learning was still being done in classrooms in early 2020. Without access to classrooms, Learning and Development professionals have been forced to take learning online.

Learning and Development teams have helped organisations adapt rapidly to changing conditions and people to adjust to new working arrangements. The barriers to learning innovation are lower than ever. Now is the time to engage business stakeholders, embed good design practices, work in agile ways and use technology more effectively.

L&D professionals have long aspired to have a more significant impact and create more value for their organisations and the people working in them. There is an opportunity to reposition learning as an essential high value partner right now. Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

Make the shift to enable learning in a virtual environment QUICKLY & SMARTLY with the support of a seasoned professional.

Rethink Learning will accelerate your shift in mindset, skills, practices and tools to quickly design and develop effective learning solutions for the virtual environment.  Apply it to your work immediately and make the shift far quicker than figuring it out on your own.  

ReThink Learning Program - Design and Development

  • Use performance analysis to understand what matters to your organisation and align learning solutions with business needs.
  • Apply human-centred design practices to understand the perspective and needs of your target audience.
  • Create engaging, connected learning experiences for the online world using a wide range of approaches and technology
  • Develop, test and release your solution iteratively to meet needs quickly.
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Overcome the Barriers to Learning Innovation

Digital Disruption – challenges with technology adoption

Cultural Resistance – others seeing courses as the best way to learn

Readiness of Learning Professionals – your mindset and skillset

What ReThink Learning participants say

Over the course of the programme I redesigned a solution that could be implemented straight away and learned a new process for analysis and a new process for design, both of which I can start using immediately and which will help me create well thought out and sensible, human centred learning solutions.
Rhiannon Nakhle

The program is relevant to learning practitioners and really honed in on the use of user centric methods to create learning content. Sign up.
Brock Shears

If you have a need to quickly adapt your existing learning to the new online environment this will give you the tools and guidance you need.
Kathy Gerwald

A wonderful example of learning in the flow!
Fiona Mogridge

What’s Included

The program covers four skills:

  • Performance needs analysis
  • Solution design using a human-centred approach
  • Selecting technology and tools for development and delivery
  • Managing iterative solution development

Special things included ReThink Mastery
Playbook to guide you through process steps to design and develop a learning solution
Toolkit with templates to document your analysis, solution design and development plan
Technology Guide to help you select from a wide range of technology to use in your solution.
Videos outlining the why and how of each process step
Resources to support your decision-making including selecting and getting started with a range of tools and technologies
Live online orientation session.
Weekly group Coffee & Coaching sessions for three months
Individual real-world project – apply the processes and tools immediately to design a solution for your organisation.
Monthly live online design showcase – present your design and get feedback.
Online community membership for three months

How can this program meet your needs?

Sample materials

About your facilitator

Michelle Ockers is a leading contemporary organisational learning practitioner and contributor to the learning community in Australia and New  Zealand.   Her  extensive  experience  includes establishing and leading a technical academy at Coca-Cola Amatil and strategic leadership on learning transformation at Qantas.   She supports organisations to shift the mindset and skills of L&D teams, modernise learning strategy and build learning culture.

Michelle was recognised by the Australian Institute of Training and Development as their L&D Professional of the Year in 2019 for her contribution to the practice of Learning and Development.  She also received the 2019 Internet Time Alliance Jay Cross Memorial Award for contribution to the practice of informal learning.

Participant showcase example -
Addressing unsafe workplace behaviours


The business need is to reduce the number of accidents and injuries and increase safety hazard and incident reporting.

To achieve this of supervisors must:

  • recognise unsafe behaviour
  • give feedback
  • follow up to ensure safe behaviour

This solution aims to build the supervisor’s knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence.

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Created by Rhiannon Nakhle

Participant showcase example -

Effective feedback in a virtual environment

The business need is to improve performance. To achieve this line managers must have frequent effective growth-oriented feedback conversations with their direct reports in a virtual environment.

This solution aims to build line manager skills, confidence and motivation. The design also seeks to keep line managers connected and closely supported in a period of uncertainty.

Created by Fiona Mogridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who designs learning solutions for organisations.  Even experienced designers may find that ReThinking their practices, approaches and tools improves the impact and effectiveness of their work.  Book a call or send an email and we can discuss whether it’s right for you.

It’s up to you!  The program is divided into three sections, with approximately 1 hour of video content per section.  Allow 2-3 hours per week to dig into all of the content per section and attend a one-hour coaching session.  Or you can allocate less time per week and take a little longer – up to 3 months.  The key is to use it in your work as soon as you can – which you needed to do anyway!

You have an individual license to use the Playbook, Toolkit and Technology Guide forever.  You have access to all other resources and the Learning Uncut online community for three months.

Any time you like!  You get immediate access to all materials and can join weekly coffee and coach sessions straight away.  Live online orientation sessions are held every two weeks – and you have enough information to get started before the next one.

You could start the program and use a past project for practical application.  You can also redesign an existing solution.  Your coach will discuss your project choice with you during your orientation session.  If in doubt, send an email to discuss.

What a great idea!  You can build your team’s design practices and support each other to develop skills and embed new habits—Book in a call to discuss your team needs.

Before I share the price with you, I’d like to discuss whether the program is a great fit for your needs.  I want to ensure that everyone who joins ReThink Learning gets excellent value out of it.  Volume discounts are available for larger groups.  I will provide you with a quote when we discuss your needs.  Please go ahead and book in a call.

Are you prepared for Future Ready Learning?

I can help you to achieve your aspirations to transform learning in your organisation in a range of very practical ways. I can help accelerate your learningtransformation regardless of the sector and scale of your organisation, the size of your learning team, or where you are on your modern learning journey. Contact me for a discussion.