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Use a contemporary L&D Capability Map to strategically assess your team’s skills and inform resource and development plans.


Which Capability Does Your Team Need to Build?

The pace of change in the profession is so rapid that the capability gap in learning teams is increasing.

Do you have a plan in place to build the capability of your learning team in order to effectively implement a modern learning strategy? Too often, learning professionals don’t pay enough attention to their own capability.  It’s much the same as fitting your own oxygen mask first in an emergency before helping others. You need to build your own capability in order to enable others to learn effectively.

Do you know what skills you need in your team?  The Learning and Performance Institute’s Capability Map contains 25 skills across five categories – each of which your team must have or be able to readily access.  However, there’s no standard skills recipe – a custom mix of skills across positions is required to suit each learning team.

Have you validly assessed the skills in place across your team?  A consistent, reliable assessment of skills across your team provides valuable insight into strengths and gaps.  This informs important decisions such as position and task assignment, development planning and succession planning.

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Capability Discovery

Learning leaders – Complete a review of your team’s skills and have a 30 minute discussion to explore the capability required by a modern learning team.  

Gain insight into how you can improve the readiness of your team to impact your organisation.

This service is complimentary. 

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Capability Footprint

To build the future capability of your learning team you first need to understand your current state.

The Capability Footprint is a guided team self-assessment and analysis to identify your current strengths.

Michelle will kick off the assessment process with you and facilitate an analysis session to help identify and prioritise actions and development needs.  

Perfect for smaller teams.

Capability Road Map

Create a roadmap to build the future capability required in your learning team.

Definite the target skill set required to implement your organisational learning strategy.  Assess and compare your current skills.

Michelle will work with you to define target skills, support your assessment process, and analyse with you to identify priorities and plan action.  

Includes a one-day team development planning workshop.

Perfect for medium and large learning teams, and those seeking to transform learning in their organisation.

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