Learning Uncut Ep 60: Lessons from converting and facilitating courses online – Jennifer Waltmon, Dr Cathryn Lloyd and Chemene Sinson

The AITD Course Conversion Project In the five and a half months since COVID-19 hit, learning teams around the globe have been denied access to face -to-face classrooms and had to shift to support learning in an online environment.  Many have grappled with converting courses designed for classroom facilitation to…

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Learning Uncut Ep 59: Denise Meyerson – Immersive Simulations for Difficult Conversations

An Innovative Approach to Human Skills Development It was a pleasure to have the always effervescent Denise Meyerson return to Learning Uncut for the third time.  She does some really interesting work in her organisation, MCI Solutions, using very engaging approaches.  I also find her openness and courage inspiring.  In…

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Learning Uncut Ep 57: Personalised learning meets diverse needs – Henrik Harder & Nick Howe

The Learning and Development field is full of buzzwords and jargon.  Often we lack a common understanding of what these terms mean.  Take the term ‘personalised learning’ for example.  One of our previous Learning Uncut guests, JD Dillon, had a very good article published in the June 2020 edition of …

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Learning Uncut Ep 47: All Aboard for Engaging eLearning – Julian Davis and Naomi Waldron

Thoughtful Learning Design My guests in Episode 47 are Julian Davis of Queensland Rail and Naomi Waldron from Easy A, who together developed Queensland Rail’s onboarding and compliance refresher program - fittingly called All Aboard.  This program was winner of best onboarding and induction program in the Australian Institute of…

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