More Fluid Mentoring

I do a little mentoring. I also use mentors for support. The format for most of my mentoring interactions has been through a series of one-hour conversations. This has a certain convenience in terms of logistics. However, I am now questioning whether this is the most effective format for mentoring.…

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Role of a Mentor – The Power of Moments

I recently read The Power of Moments by Chip Heath & Dan Heath.  Such a powerful book.  Perhaps it was just a case of it being EXACTLY the right book for me at this point in time.  I suspect it is going to have a significant impact on my work…

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Skill Stacking with Scott Adams

Scrolling through my podcast library on the weekend I spotted episode 70 of The Knowledge Project with Scott Adams (yes the creator of Dilbert) that I felt compelled to listen to.  Apart from being curious about how the mind of a satirical genius works, I was hoping he would talk…

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Mindset Guides Decisions

This week I completed a two-day business planning retreat called 2020 Vision.  One outcome of the retreat was to set my business goals and targets for the coming year and identify ten ‘Big Rock’ projects to complete during the year.  This was such a worthwhile investment of my time, and…

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Working with Subject Matter Experts

I did a professional development mentoring session with someone new yesterday.  They are a learning professional.  We explored their workplace challenges to help identify target areas for development.  One that arose was working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Yep, I've heard this from others and experienced it myself.  SMEs are…

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6 Ways of learning

Stretch and Accelerate Your Professional Development

In January 2019 I helped over 25 people to create future-ready Professional Development plans through individual mentoring and a group webinar. The biggest thing I noticed is how challenging it is for people to set a future-oriented development goal.  Even those who did the guided reflection prior to our session…

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Are you prepared for Future Ready Learning?

I can help you to achieve your aspirations to transform learning in your organisation in a range of very practical ways. I can help accelerate your learningtransformation regardless of the sector and scale of your organisation, the size of your learning team, or where you are on your modern learning journey. Contact me for a discussion.