Mindset Matters for Learning Teams

Yesterday I hosted a webinar called 'Build Your Team to Thrive.  Make 2020 the Best Year Yet for Your Learning Team.'  The webinar was for leaders of learning teams in organisations.  I invited participants to project themselves forward 12 months to December 2020 and imagine they they and their team…

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Mindset Guides Decisions

This week I completed a two-day business planning retreat called 2020 Vision.  One outcome of the retreat was to set my business goals and targets for the coming year and identify ten ‘Big Rock’ projects to complete during the year.  This was such a worthwhile investment of my time, and…

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What I Learned In May 2019

May 2019 was full on. I was working on content for my new website while working through anxiety about business growth. Lots of learning opportunities.  Watch the video for full discussion of three things I learned, or read abridged version with hyperlinks below the video. https://vimeo.com/346694349 Atomic Habits by James…

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Are you prepared for Future Ready Learning?

I can help you to achieve your aspirations to transform learning in your organisation in a range of very practical ways. I can help accelerate your learningtransformation regardless of the sector and scale of your organisation, the size of your learning team, or where you are on your modern learning journey. Contact me for a discussion.