More Fluid Mentoring

I do a little mentoring. I also use mentors for support. The format for most of my mentoring interactions has been through a series of one-hour conversations. This has a certain convenience in terms of logistics. However, I am now questioning whether this is the most effective format for mentoring.…

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How PKM is integrated in my work

I'm nearing the end of participating in Harold Jarche's Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) workshop.  I first did this workshop in 2014.  This is my second refresher attendance (i.e. third time total that I've done the workshop).  As my work and personal circumstances change and my PKM practices mature I reach…

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Conversations are critical to my sense-making

An activity in Harold Jarche's Personal Knowledge Mastery Workshop invites participants to try a new sense-making tool. I'm opting out of trying a new tool. Instead I'm focussing on using the key tools in my PKM toolkit better.  These are primarily Twitter (supplemented by LinkedIn), Pocket, Feedly and Wordpress.  If…

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Narrating my work in baby steps

Baby steps.  I often give people this advice when they speak with me about building personal learning practices. I also hear people express fear or anxiety about posting on social media or starting a blog.  I tell them that it's safe to just started as not many people will be…

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Learning Uncut Episode 70: Mike Taylor, Arun Pradhan, Shai Desai – Modern Professional Development Approaches

Fire up your development with two more great approaches Welcome to the second Learning Uncut episode for 2021.  I’m not sure if the experience of the start of a new year is the same in the northern hemisphere as it is here Down Under where it’s summer and we have…

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Are you prepared for Future Ready Learning?

I can help you to achieve your aspirations to transform learning in your organisation in a range of very practical ways. I can help accelerate your learningtransformation regardless of the sector and scale of your organisation, the size of your learning team, or where you are on your modern learning journey. Contact me for a discussion.