Fine-Tuning my Gratitude Journal

I've been using my Collective Hub Gratitude journal for six weeks.  I'm still finding it a valuable way to start my day with positive intention and end with reflection and gratitude.  However, my responses to some of the morning questions have been repetitive.  There are four questions where my responses…

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Daily Journaling Keeps Me Grounded

I've journaled a lot more over the past year.  While I've kept a journal since I was 13 it's now become a daily habit.  I started with a new mentor last year to support me with the mindset and emotional management.  She encouraged me to journal in a range of…

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2019 in 5 words

"All good options. Pick one." This was my response to a question tweeted by Taruna Goel on New Years Eve: For my peers and friends in L&D, how would you sum up your #2019in5words?  Before you go down the bewildering (and sometimes amusing) rabbit hole that this hashtag will plunge…

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New Years Dawn – Magic Memories

This year instead of celebrating New Year's Eve I marked arrival of 2020 with New Year's Dawn.  I woke shortly after 4am and travelled to the summit of Brisbane's Mt Cootha to watch the sunrise for the first time in 2020.  Several hundred other people had the same idea.  However…

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Wheel of Life Reflection

'Tis the season for reflection ..... Fuelled by some great insights from conversations and self-observation on my recent trip to Sydney, I'm now completing individual reflection.  I'm going to use several frameworks / tools to do this and see if they provide different insights.  Perhaps they will build upon each…

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Reflecting Amongst Others

I returned home to Brisbane today after a break of 12 days in Sydney. I was visiting my family to celebrate Christmas. I also caught up with a lot of friends. I had hoped that amidst the social rounds I would find some time for reflection. Perhaps I could sit…

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Workshop Structure to Promote Relevant Actionable Insights

I’m in Hobart for a couple of days.  I was invited to present a masterclass at a Government HR Forum on 26 November.  My thanks to Viv Burgess for recommending me to the organisers, and for providing the opportunity for me to run a workshop today (25 November) with the…

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Adult Learners Week #WhatILearned Challenge Update

To date over 40 people have joined in my online Adult Learners Week event - the “What I Learned” challenge. Collectively around 100 posts have been made about what and how people are learning.  The wide range of topics covered includes wheel alignment, instructional design tips, storytelling in facilitation, brain…

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6 Ways of learning

Stretch and Accelerate Your Professional Development

In January 2019 I helped over 25 people to create future-ready Professional Development plans through individual mentoring and a group webinar. The biggest thing I noticed is how challenging it is for people to set a future-oriented development goal.  Even those who did the guided reflection prior to our session…

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Are you prepared for Future Ready Learning?

I can help you to achieve your aspirations to transform learning in your organisation in a range of very practical ways. I can help accelerate your learningtransformation regardless of the sector and scale of your organisation, the size of your learning team, or where you are on your modern learning journey. Contact me for a discussion.