Stakeholder Alignment Advice

Michelle Ockers and Stella Collins

That’s Stella Collins in the photo above with me at Learning Technologies UK in London in May 2023.

She approached me this week to provide an insight for a report she is writing on what’s causing L&D teams friction in their LD processes and how to reduce it. She asked me:

What piece of advice would you give to L&D to help them align with key stakeholders? (50 words max).

My advice is:

Make it all about them! Build relationships and listen deeply. Understand their business-critical goals, then ask which of these you can support. Agree how L&D will help them to achieve these goals – from learning experiences to support tools and helping them make time and space to practice and reflect.

I led the creation of a infographic that addressed alignment with stakeholder goals as part of my Emerging Stronger collaboration with Laura Overton and Shannon Tipton. The resource was published by Go1, but I can’t find it on the Go1 website so here it is if anyone would like to dig a little deeper.

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