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Connection story diagram

LTUK Connection Story Feedback

I’ll be running a session on learning strategy at the Learning Technologies UK conference tomorrow. Time to fine-tune the connection story I’m using to build…

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AI generated photo of two woman standing among daffodills

Using Bing Image Creator

Talk about AI is everywhere! Yesterday Laura Overton showed me artwork she had created using the DALL-E AI image generator. She demonstrated creating a cartoon…

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A woman in green speaking at a conference

My connection story for LTUK conference

In three days I’m speaking about learning strategy at the Learning Technologies UK conference. Some of the 100 L&D professionals joining my session will be…

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A laptop, coffee mug and flower vase on a desk

Using the habit loop to create a daily blogging habit

Back in 2014, when I was living in Sydney, I faced an hour-long public transport commute to work every day. When I discovered the concept…

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The word 'blog' in a book on a messy office desk

The Purpose of my Blog

I set up my first blog in March 2014. It was the initial activity in a Social Learning  Practitioner Program (SLPP) that I was undertaking.…

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