Using Bing Image Creator

AI generated photo of two woman standing among daffodills

Talk about AI is everywhere! Yesterday Laura Overton showed me artwork she had created using the DALL-E AI image generator. She demonstrated creating a cartoon style image of my daughter fixing a stuck plug in a bathroom basin (long story!).

It caught my imagination.

Yesterday I spent around 20 minutes trying to find a personal photo to put in my blog post – to no avail. I gave up and used an image I’d previously downloaded from Shutterstock. Bland. Boring. Unoriginal. I’ve decided to use only either AI-generated images or photos I have taken on my personal blogs. Today I replaced that image with one I generated using the Bing Image Creator.

In honour of the spark that came from Laura to start using AI generated images today’s featured image is of the two of us walking through a field of daffodils talking – in the style of a Picasso line drawing. It will remind me of our walk around the Wimbeldon and Putney Commons on Saturday.

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