LTUK Connection Story Feedback

Connection story diagram

I’ll be running a session on learning strategy at the Learning Technologies UK conference tomorrow. Time to fine-tune the connection story I’m using to build rapport and let the participants know a little about me at the start of the session.

I sent an audio recording to my story coach/partner, Mark for feedback. Good news is that I’ve picked an appropriate story. Key improvements:

  • statement up front to establish relevance to topic
  • turning point – decision to move from consultant to employee and take on the challenge of leading the Academy I had designed
  • a few more details e.g. location
  • less formal language, especially when I’m talking about the business risk of reliance on overseas vendors for training and my last conversation with Bruce
  • a visual moment – paint the scene when I’m in Bruce’s office saying farewell
  • emotion – how did I feel at a couple of key points

Mark’s feedback was very clear. He sent me a video which included him showing me what less formal language looked like. He also sent me coaching notes. I love the format of the coaching template. The coaching notes clearly identify specific points in my story that can be improved and what is needed.

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